Why you’d want to incorporate porcelain into your space


Are you looking for a stone that will meet all of the needs in your allotted space? You may find that you like the look of many different natural stones but can’t seem to find one that meets all of your expectations. Many natural stones will need to be sealed and resealed and you will need to be careful when they come into contact with moisture or heat. 

Choosing a material like porcelain may be the way to meet all of your desires. A countertop made with clay and minerals in order to promote strength, durability and resistance is a great choice for many spaces. Not only is it customizable, but it is also recyclable. Here’s what you need to know about porcelain countertops. 

What are porcelain countertops?

Porcelain is considered a white, vitrified, translucent ceramic. It is manufactured with a type of clay, heavy in the mineral kaolinite. It will also contain minerals like feldspar, silica and mineral oxides. These minerals will work to give the stone strength as well as determine the color. 

The reason that porcelain dishes are often called china is because clay that is rich in kaolinite is called china clay. The way that porcelain countertops and china is made is virtually the same, but countertops will receive a pigmented glaze and will be fired at a very high temperature in order to enhance the strength. 


One of the biggest benefits to using porcelain for your countertops is that it is nonporous. This means that there are no small holes within the stone for bacteria to grow. That is why porcelain is a great option for kitchen countertops. It creates a very sterile surface for food preparation. It is also a great choice for bathrooms where the spread of bacteria can often be a worry. 

Nonporous stones like porcelain are great for outdoor spaces because they will not absorb moisture the way that other natural stones will. Another reason porcelain countertops are one of the best options for your outdoor space is that it is heat and frost tolerant. Because of that, you can use porcelain in your outdoor kitchen to achieve a beautiful look and a durable surface. 

If you like the look of marble or granite, but like the features of porcelain, you’re in luck! Porcelain countertops come in virtually any shade or pattern. You can even create some that look just like marble or granite. They don’t usually need to be sealed the way that other natural stones do because it is fire glazed. This process blocks most staining and moisture. 

Lastly, many homeowners are looking to create more green and sustainable homes. They are choosing materials that are recycled or able to be reused in the future. A huge draw for porcelain or natural stone, in general, is that it is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Because porcelain is made of natural, raw and clay-based materials, it can be recycled when is is removed. This is a huge benefit for many homeowners when choosing their countertops. 

If you are considering porcelain for your countertops and have questions or concerns, give Firenze International a call! We can answer all your questions and give you guidance on what stone will fit your space best! 


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