Best Cleaning Practices For Your Natural Stone Countertops

Each natural stone countertop material requires different cleaning practices and things to avoid to help protect the stone and keep it looking beautiful. At Firenze International, our natural stone experts know exactly how to properly take care of your countertops. Below, we provide the best cleaning practices for the most popular natural stone countertop materials!


Update: Which material is best for bathroom countertops?

Designing a bathroom for a client can be difficult because you want it to be beautiful, but you also want it to be durable. There are many surfaces in a bathroom that need to put up with a lot of wear and tear.


Updated: Picking the right natural stone flooring option

A list of stone flooring options to use in any home.


The best natural stone floors for outdoor space

These are the five natural stone floors to install outdoors. 


Dark Natural Stone Options that are Perfect for a Contrasting Kitchen

There are many natural stone designs trending in 2018. Some of these design trends have been seen in bedroom walls, a mixture of multiple natural stones, and inspiration from nature. The biggest trend we noticed is the theme of black and white design. The darker and lighter stones compliment well with almost any material and the color combination is timeless and classy. This type of design is used decade after decade simply because it works. Black and white can take over walls, cabinets, floors and sinks while staying within budget and wowing your guests.

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Over the next several weeks, we are going to be covering the different surface materials to use in your contracting projects. So the question remains, which surfacing material is right to recommend to your clients? To help you out in discovering the answer to this plaguing question, we have been exploring different surfacing materials each week explaining what they are and their advantages and disadvantages. So far, we’ve covered Quartz; and this week, we will continue by covering Granite. We will again explain what Granite is and its advantages.  We hope that in doing so we help you get that much closer to discovering the surfacing material that is right for your project.